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India Imposes 30% Temporary Withholding Tax on Cyprus Transactions - 8 April 2014

As an anti-avoidance measure, the Indian government has amended its domestic tax law, with respect to transactions ...

Cyprus Interested in Receiving Investments from EBRD-February 5th, 2013

Cyprus is interested in receiving investments from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), while Portugal and Greece...

Promoting Cyprus as an Investment Centre, June 2013

The country’s main initiatives are to promote its core services in key target markets, such as Russia, China, India the Middle East and Europe through...

Shipping Business Reports – CYPRUS, June 2013

The collapse of the Cypriot banking system in March and the introduction of tough fiscal measures to steady the country’s economy...

Immigration Permit - Third Courtry Nationals

The Ministry of Interior has recently announced a more efficient procedure for granting an Immigration Permit to third country nationals that intend to invest in Cyprus.

Cyprus Shipping continues to support the Economy

Cyprus International Trust (amendment) Law 2012

European Commission proposes measures to tackle cross-border inheritance tax problems, December 22nd, 2011

Malta E-Gaming Review 2011/12, December 13, 2011

Maritime Levy To Help Fight Climate Change,07 December 2011

Removal of Cyprus from the Portuguese Blacklist - Nov. 2011

Based on the Decree No. 292/2011 issued by the Portuguese Ministry of Finance on 8 November 2011, Cyprus has been removed from the ...

Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 April 2009 on the insurance shipowners for maritime claims-Harmonisation Measures. November 2011

1.     The European Uni...


Cyprus Holding and Trading Companies

Staying Ahead of the Competition
Cyprus continues to be one of the leading jurisdictions used by blue chip cor...

Cyprus - Denmark Treaty, 30 September 2011

Cyprus Review 2011-12: Holding Companies

Holding Companies Cyprus is no longer an offshore jurisdiction in the strict sense of the word, but its tax regime, coupled with its location at the cross roads of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, ...

Harmonization Pact Will Not Effect Cyprus Tax - March 2011

On March 2nd the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE) published a press release stating that there will be no increas...

Jurisdiction Special Focus: Cyprus January 2011

Cyprus to regulate online gambling and betting, June 2010

It has surfaced that the Cypriot Ministry of Finance has submitted a draft bill to the European Commission for clearance, which intends to regulate all forms of online betting and gambling other th...

Cypriot Businesses Concerned by Moody

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry has expressed concern over the recent announcement, by ratings agency Moody's, that the jurisdiction's credit rating may face a downgrade at the end of t...

Cyprus Shipping in the European Union

Digital publications now authorised aboard Cyprus flag ships

In May 2011 the Department of...

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