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The Law Firm, one of the oldest in Cyprus, was founded by the late Antonis C. Indianos, M.A. (Oxon), Barrister-at-Law, in 1924, in the town of Limassol and was known then as A. C. Indianos – Advocate. The late A.C. Indianos was the Criminal Lawyer par excellence in the island and in later years when he moved his office to Nicosia (1942), the firm’s business expanded to encompass commercial, insurance and corporate activities.


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Cypriot passport ranks among the strongest in the world

According to the updated Passport Index the Cypriot passport ranks among the strongest in the world, as holders are able to travel to 146 countries without a visa. Cyprus gets a Passport Power Rank of 13, and an Individual Power Rank of 36 globally. Its Global...
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India Imposes 30% Temporary Withholding Tax on Cyprus Transactions – 8 April 2014

As an anti-avoidance measure, the Indian government has amended its domestic tax law, with respect to transactions with taxpayers located in certain tax jurisdictions.   The amendments involving transactions made in Cyprus include a temporary 30% withholding tax,...
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Cyprus Interested in Receiving Investments from EBRD-February 5th, 2013

Cyprus is interested in receiving investments from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), while Portugal and Greece are also seeking more business ties with the development bank, the EBRD has stated. "We already work with Greek and Portuguese...
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Promoting Cyprus as an Investment Centre, June 2013

The country’s main initiatives are to promote its core services in key target markets, such as Russia, China, India the Middle East and Europe through trade show and business forums. A lot of big projects are in their developing stages and many foreign investors,...
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Shipping Business Reports – CYPRUS, June 2013

The collapse of the Cypriot banking system in March and the introduction of tough fiscal measures to steady the country’s economy, took the shipping industry massively by surprise. But while the Limassol-based shipping industry backed up by the Nicosia government has...
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